96 Piece Online Puzzle
Have you tried the 24-piece and the other 96-piece puzzles?

Puzzle Theme: Timid little bunny hiding amongst mint patch.
Now this is an interesting one. The puzzle looks almost completed, but is actually far from it - almost as far from completion as possible. That's what makes this one of the most difficult to solve, on

How to Play: To solve the puzzle, click a square you wish to move
to another square's location, and then click the destination's location.
Or, click the destination first, and then the square to be moved second.
Either way, you'll see the two squares have transposed positions.
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Press your space bar a time or two to better position the puzzle on the screen.
Have Fun!
(Notes: Some users may need to click [Refresh] a few times to make all the puzzle pieces appear.
Some newer computers/operating systems may 'lag' a bit behind.)
Dial-up Visitors: The puzzle should be ready for you to try, almost immediately.
The progress bar above indicates the downloading of larger non-puzzle photographs, throughout this site.

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