96 Piece Online Puzzle
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Puzzle Theme: New Mexico Westbound
When you complete this puzzle, you'll have a photo of one of many scenic areas throughout New Mexico. The cloud formations as well as the landscape can be truly awesome. Add to this scenery many roads which seemingly go on forever and you'll wonder why you only 'just now' discovered Interstate 40 through New Mexico.

Are you an East Coast resident? You owe it to yourself to hop in a reliable car and head west, where, along the way you'll be treated to awesome landscapes.

If you must take a break from the puzzle, minimize the screen,
and open a new window.If you click "Refresh", or on any other link, it may require you to solve the puzzle all over, again.

Before you start:
Make sure all pieces below show some segment of the photograph (no red "X"s).
Clicking refresh enough times eventually makes all segments appear.

All the pieces are there and correct.

Solve the puzzle below by:
1) choosing any piece to click on, once
2) clicking the destination spot
3) do that until you come up with a complete picture - free of 'squares'.
4) once completed, press the "Prt-Scr" key to save the picture you just completed. If you want, you can send it the address on the RattleRig home page. It can then be posted here.

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