96 Piece Online Puzzle
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Puzzle Theme: New Mexico Horses.
These horses were seen on a ranch adjacent to a travel stop off Interstate 40, in New Mexico, on the way to Albuquerque. The scenery in much of New Mexico is unreal-beautiful. It's also one of the "four corner" states where you can stand in one spot and be standing on corners of the 4 states at once:
Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico

If you must take a break from the puzzle, minimize the screen,
and open a new window.If you click "Refresh", or on any other link, it may require you to solve the puzzle all over, again.

Before you start:
Make sure all pieces below show some segment of the photograph (no red "X"s).
Clicking refresh enough times eventually makes all segments appear.

Solve the puzzle below by:
1) choosing any piece to click on, once
2) clicking the destination spot
3) do that until you come up with a complete picture - free of 'squares'.

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Here's a somewhat completed puzzle. I got stuck. This is what I completed so far. Now, I have to start all over again.