The electrics are all good: Horn, all lights, LCD displays all work

1983 Honda V65 Magna, water-cooled 4 cylinder,
6 speed, shaft drive, 116 claimed horsepower

Under 9000 10,000 11,000 12,000 13,000 14,000 miles

No test rides, please. Rock solid firm on price.

Considered For Sale: Is this classic V65 (V65 = 65 cubic inches = 1100 cc).
Owner is not in a hurry to sell.

Known History:

Bike currently owned by third owner, this bike has yet to have fallen down, under present care.

This bike features:

LCDs that display relative engine temperature, and selected gear (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, OD)

Since September 2010, the following fixes have been performed:

  • Fork seals replacement. No leakage from fork seals now. This service included:new fork seals, new bushings, new circlips, and new fluid.
  • Steel fork brace, in addition to stock brace. Makes for unreal stability. (these bikes were said to have high speed wobble issues). So, the extra fork brace is added peace-of-mind.
  • Front tire. Previous one was discovered to have slit in side wall. Replaced with identical Metzeler (ME880 Marathon).
  • Mufflers. Added stock mufflers whose baffles were not been drilled out, to restore lost power.

  • Clutch Master Cylinder rebuild.
  • Hydraulic clutch/brake bleedings.
  • Manual switch added to over-ride the automatic fan switch (the manual switch was added, and not soldered or spliced into existing factory wiring. The manual switch can be removed without leaving any kind of trace, if wished)

crystal clean speedometer and tachometer gauge lenses

Tank has a couple of dings, and scratches on left side from prev. ownership, and from windshield loosening. Windshield mounting since fixed.

Does not leave any fluid puddles of leakage on the ground, though it may seap (but not from recent fork job, or from clutch m/c).

Your arms will be pulled; your behind planted firmly into seat notch; your grin will go from ear to ear, upon moderate to heavy acceleration. And the comfy saddle allows for extended trips. When you stop, and eventually come to your senses, you'll be left wondering "Why?", "why would the Japanese create a machine like this for the street?"
And this bike that I'm selling is all factory stock.

To give you an idea: You can start out in first gear, and accelerate as fast as you safely please, staying in first gear, and briefly note the tachometer when you reach 60 mph. At that point, the tachometer will read 10K RPM (the start of the red line). BUT, there is plenty of throttle left over. I've already mentioned in this ad, that I've never topped out any gear, while the bike's been under my care.

The photos shown below are prior to discovering the crack in the windshield. And also prior to the second fork seal job which was done correctly.

Modifications: None, except for tires, fork brace, added manual fan switch (which can be removed, without leaving a trace), and removed exhaust shields.

On 7-10-2011, I had to remove the windshield I had previously added because one of the support rods snapped.

This ultra-fun bike is very powerful, smooth, and will continue to accumulate miles until sold. Current owner has yet to top it out in any gear.
The bike can be seen in the daytime, at the following times and locations:
(be sure to email first, to confirm)
When? (weather permitting)Location:
most Wednesdays around
noon to 1pm
Shaved Ice stand, in Carroll County, on rte 97, just south of Hoods Mill road
most Fridays Carroll County, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries at rte. 140

This bike has never once not started for present owner.

Plenty of torque in every gear. No flat spots in performance.