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The photographs on this page, taken by Alexander X., are not found on the other MOPAR pages on

The photos in the first part of this page are from either Carlisle or other East Coast shows, but not having kept track of the year of these photographs, I've dedicated their own half of the page to them.

The photos in the second half of this page are from the 1998 Carlisle Show, as indicated by the date stamp in the photo itself.


A 1962 Chrysler Wagon (likely a Plymouth Belvedeere), on the show field.

Plymouth Superbird shown (1970). Dodge had the Charger Daytona for its winged bird ('69).

A very sharp, black 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner with under 10K miles on it, at the time!

1970 Dodge Challenger with a 383 Magnum Engine.

A 1966 Hemi Plymouth Belvedeere II with and interesting story.

One of Bill Maverick's Hemi-powered Little Red Wagons, from back in the wheelie days.

On his way to collect his prize, this "Fast Fish" a blown 1966 Plymouth Barracuda waits in line.

A rare, clean 1968 GTS Dodge Dart with a 383!

70 or 71 Dodge Challenger RT

1963 Superstock Dodge.
The engine is very likely the 426 Wedge, though possibly the 413 cubic inch.

MOPARS from the 1998 Chryslers at Carlisle Show

A 1971 Dodge Charger RT, fraternal twin to the other option: Dodge Superbee. This Charger has the air grabber hood option.

A 1970 Superbird pulling up to claim a prize.
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