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York, PA: Harley-Davidson Open-House / Zipper's Open House
Newest photos added: 70s Sporty at Zipper's Open House, May 2000
"Bad Pan"
(from Z.O.H., Oct. 1999)

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Photo submitted by Greg of Canada. The bike is police issue up there.
Greg has also contributed tremendously to my other page:
The 1979 Chrysler 300 Web Page
"His and Her's Flames"
2nd photo
Actual H-D Open House '98 photos
John Fulmer's '90 Softail Custom. My photos are the best you'll find. By chance, I ended up at the same Sunoco station in Deale, Maryland, where John gladly accepted the offer to post his striking ride to this page.

You haven't seen anything until you've checked out photos of the rear fender.
Photo 1. Photo 2

Gary was at the Zipper's Open House '99 on May 1, 1999, along with a multitude of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. Gary's 1972 Sportster XLH (purchased new, from a lawnmower shop, believe it or not) features the original front tire from 15,000 miles ago. Here's a copy of the original receipt. The bike is the original color, but the tank, seat and exhaust have been changed or modified. Everything else is stock original, and in great condition.
STOP ! Before you click on it, get this: By coincidence, I saw Harry's bike at the Harley Davidson factory Open House, AND snapped a shot of it there. Then, I saw it at Zipper's the following w/e. Also, a different bike - a Dyna, at the Factory Open-House, had a peculiarly similar paint scheme, but the two bikes are 'un-related'.
Dan's Softail is outfitted with a Panhead engine. Captured by my old SLR, it came out OK. Before you click on the icon, know that it'll take a little a while. I found this photo was best viewed as large as possible.
See the left side of the bike. (again, sit back for a few)
Dan Moore tells us that his '76 Sporty's engine was re-worked a bit, by Zipper's.
Frank Majors explained that his license plate indicates his
shirt size, not his 2000 Road King's 96" engine, which looks like stock. Here's a photo from a different angle.
The last customized Harley-Davidson to be seen at Zippers Open House: May 2000, was this mid-late 70s Sporty. Here's a shot from the left side.
More photos from Zipper's Open House 2000 to come !

There is always a good turn-out at the Harley-Davidson Open-House,
as well as at Zipper's Performance Open House.

Any photos above are the results of my 7th and 8th trips to the Harley-Davidson Open House (York, PA), and of my 1st and 2nd attendance of the Zipper's Open House (Jessup, MD).

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