hftpress Photo: hydraulic press which is used to form fenders

A Tour of The Harley-Davidson
Final Assembly Plant

by: Alexander X.

The worker at any of these "giant stampers" coats a leaf of sheet metal with an oil to allow the fender shaped presses to easily form it. And easily formed they are! These huge, monstrosities are at it as long as the person loading the metal and pushing those buttons can feed them. They come out of the press with excess that is ground off and deburred at the next station over. Keep in mind that there are several of these house-sized presses. Consequently, there have to be just as many of these other stations which do the final prep work before the piece hits the paint shop to eliminate (or attempt to eliminate) any production line bottlenecks.

Another station is equipped with a machine and whatnot which can instantly clip off the excess. An individual then manually deburs any excess. But his colleague, a rather expensive laser cutting torch also does clipping and hole-drilling as easily as you and I cut through a stick of butter.

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