A Tour of the Harley-Davidson Factory

Fenders Await a Whole New Paint Job

The fenders shown below await an entire new paint job.

Somehow, a pin-head-sized or pin-point-sized imprefection found a way to get in this nice coat of paint - an imperfection which, upon initial inspection by you and me, would be easily hidden.

It's difficult to sound un-biased, being a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle enthusiast, so here it is one more time:

Go take a tour of the factory in person

For details, see the phone number on the main page, by clicking the link below.

I don't work for Harley-Davidson, Inc. I wish I did. Harley-Davidson doesn't know me. So, I'm not on their payroll. So, I don't get paid for any of the "Tour of the Harley-Davidson Factory" pages, by Harley-Davidson, Inc. or by anyone else.

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