from the author of: A Tour of The Harley-Davidson Factory

Great Riding in Maryland and Pa.
by A.X.

Maryland and Pennsylvania have some very beautiful scenery, which is accented by their many two-lane country roads. It can be a real treat for those riders who've never been in this neck of the woods.

Keeping in mind that there are a lot of careless drivers around, riding is generally safe on these roads, on just about any given Sunday. Deer can also be another hazard.


Runs N/SE/W

# of Lanes ?

Where does it take you ?

Route 97 N.
This shot is in Howard County

Route 97 N.

N/S Varies from 6 to 2 It runs from Washington D.C. to
Gettysburg, Pa.
Carr's Mill Road E/W 2 About 2 or 3 miles south of Route 144, this short, scenic road heads west from route 97, to end up at Route 144. It's a truly wonderful little ride. I just can't explain it, nor will any of my photos.
Route 34 N/S In Pa, it picks up where 97 ends and continues North through the mountains
Route 30 E/W From Maryland's Carrol County to
Mt. Holly, Pa. and beyond
Route 32 E/W Annapolis, Md. to Eldersburg Md.
Route 26 E/W Baltimore, Md. to Frederick, Md.
Route 650 Eastbound
( crappy photo )

Newest Photos:
Route 650 Eastbound
( not a crappy photo )

E/W ? - 6 New Hampshire avenue runs from
Washington D.C. to Damascus, Maryland.
Route 851 Westbound

Route 851 WestBound (2)

Route 851 EastBound

E/W 2 With more curves than Marilyn Monroe, this road was likely modeled after the popular Laguna Seca race course, in California.
851 runs between Riesterstown, MD and Jefferson, PA
Route 216 (Pa.)

Route 216 Northbound

Scenery by power tower

Similar photo as previous

N/S ? This N/S road runs from about route 30 in Manchester, Md. to ?
Road near Pa/Md line E/W 2 This road is one of the straightest, longest stretches I've come across. Photo available in unobstructed form, in a variety of formats, to dress up your desktop wallpaper, or any other format you can think of.*
Click on any road above to see a photo of the actual road described in the table.

Thanks to Randy Hull for his assitance in getting these photos on the web.

I work for niether Harley-Davidson nor for the state of Maryland, or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and make no special endorsements for the resources of either entity. The photographs above, along with hundreds of others were taken during various outings. Currently, my motorcycle is a 1983 Honda V65 Magna. Awesome bike. I wish I had purchased it new.

I am the copyrighted owner of all the above photographs with film-negative proof of authorship. A.X.

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