2006 Cross-Country Trip across the USA

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In late July of 2006, I began a trip from Washington DC to Los Angeles, CA. My second such trip was no less as awesome as the first. Photographs from both trips are merged below.

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The California trip (2005 & 2006) entailed a scenic drive along Interstate 10, from around Quartzsite, AZ. Palm Springs, CA plays host to many many enormous, white windmill style electrical generators throughout the area. It's really an awesome site.

The last photo just above was taken when I was leaving Los Angeles around May 2010.
The upper, left-most photo depicts a tree, aparently struck by lightning up, on Mt. Jacinto, in Palm Springs. I had taken the famous cable tram to get up there.
Other photos show a few of the thousands of wind-turbine generators in Palm Springs as well. An awesome city, in a most awesome state.

AZ had, without any doubt, the most awesome scenery, from what I saw, throughout my trips. Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Hoover Dam and who-knows-what-else make AZ just incredibly awesome.

Photo from 2/2005 trip
Click for larger version.Photo of the ride
heading south on sr93

Totally Awesome! 

This is as 'right through' the desert
as it gets!

Hoover Dam:
Seeing the Hoover Dam is awesome, to say the least. Additionally, you can take the internal tour and see the workings (to a degree). Need a birds-eye view? Take the helicopter tour!
A shot from the Arizoa side
of the Hoover Dam looking across to NevadaA scene that 
caught my eye at eveningA 'cornerstone', if you will.
This rock is on the very 'corner' of the AZ side of the dam. This photo was taken
on the Nevada side of the HD.

Grand Canyon:
Meteor Crater:

New Mexio:

Another very cool state. Happens to be one of the top states for winter skiing. I liked driving through here. I liked Las Cruces, and another small town called "Truth or Consequences". Yes, named after the show. It was an awesome experience. Down side is Interstate 25, often used by illegals to bring them in to the country. One good thing is the border patrol stops along the way.


The Big Texan Restauraunt, in Amarillo, TX. Eat a whole 72 oz steak and it's free. Otherwise, you pay the $54 bill (at the time it was $54).


Gasoline prices in this Sayre OK truck/rest stop. I just knew that taking this photo. would have significance some day.