Baby Cat's Blog

Our cat, in addition to being very affectionate, makes us laugh out loud. We may find him sleeping one day in a certain position, on his back and hind legs spread apart.

Other times, like in the photos below, he'll be sleeping on the round table or any table in the house, with one or more limbs hanging.

However how he was spread across 'his' little table and hanging onto the chair next to him, had mom about doubled-over in laughter, and me scrambling for the camera.

The cat shown is loved by everyone that meets him, and was not posed by any human for these photographs.


He proudly carries his fluffy tail high.
Looks like he had 'one too many'.
Too darn funny. He's spread out all across the table he made claim to over a year ago, which, at the time, fit him ok. Now, he's just too FAT!

All the photos above were taken and posted in sequence.