Photos of my Nevada Vacation, 2000 & 2007
Photos include: Laughlin, Searchlight, Boulder City, Primm Vally, and Las Vegas

Nevada a nice warm sunny place to visit.
Nevada and Arizona residents are so cool, and they have the best real estate.

Laughlin photos:
The town that Don Laughlin opened, with The Riverside - Laughlin's first Casino/Hotel.

The Laughlin Strip The Pioneer The Strip 
from a south view
Bullhead City View from the
Davis Dam (in Laughlin) The Strip
(early morning)
View from 
Arizona side The
Colorado Belle
Hotel/Casino Harrah's from AZ side
View from the 18th floor
of the Edgewater
Sunset view
from 18th floor hotel room

Photographs of the classic car show at the Riverside Hotel/Casino in Laughlin:
1969 Z28
(Left) 1948 Packard / (Middle) 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 / (Right) 1970 Chevelle SS 454

1981 Delorean

1957 Ford Skyliner Retractable

1952 Muntz Jet

1955 Windsor | 1957 Plymouth Fury

1970 Dodge SuperBee

1968 AMX
1968 AMX with 390 cubic inch engine

Primm photos:
Home of the Famous Bonnie and Clyde "death car" (photos from 9/2000)

Clyde's shirt Certificate of Authenticity

Searchlight photos:
An old silver mining town and childhood home to a U.S.A. Senator

One very long,
strtaight road,
through the desert

Boulder City photos:
Home to the famous Hoover Dam, awesome mountains and a stretch of the Colorado River

Driving through canyon
to go see
The Hoover Dam Having finished my site-seeing at the Hoover Dam I had to look back once more.
My favorite photo of all
doesn't even come close to being there.
Note the white band around the entire base.
I suspect the change in water level over some period responsible. 
This is the start of what's held back, by the Hoover Dam.
A little mishap, on my way back,
from seeing the Hoover Dam

I had nothing to do with him going off the road.

Las Vegas photos:
Fabulous Las Vegas

Vegas, in the daytime, for a change, with roller coaster
Note the NewYork, NewYork hotel/casino (left) and The Stardust (right)
Photographs from recent (2006) cross-country trip: Washigton DC to Los Angeles.

All photographs and web pages copyright 2000 Alexander