Darrell Sweet, Drummer for Nazareth, passed away on 4 - 30 - 1999.

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Just added: Photos from the X-Hale Concert ( 4/2/1999 )

Check 'em out"
The Jaxx Concert
The Daytona's Concert
excellent photos added by John Reh
The X-Hale Show

The Jaxx Concert

Photos from the 1997 concert at Jaxx, in Virginia, U.S.A.
Most photos on this page were intentionally taken without the camera flash.

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At this show, we were treated to "Steam Roller" for the opening song,
from the "Move Me" CD.

Dan; singing with that powerful voice you're all too familiar with.
Darrell's back there, workin' hard too.

Pete on bass, with Jimmy on lead

Pete; doing that bass guitar thing.

Jimmy: Attractin' all the light, for a while

Dan; playing the bagpipes for "Hair Of The Dog"

I was first turned on to Nazareth, some time in the late '70s. My brother had showed me a vynyl he just bought. It was either "Expect No Mercy" or "No Mean City". Listening to them both, probably more than any other records, we continued to invest in them, picking up"Razamanaz" and going nuts over the album released almost a decade earlier. We followed up with "Loud -n- Proud", "Rampant", and eventually had all the vynyls known to the mid-Atlantic area. We had "Rock Angels" and to this day remember how wild it was to hear Nazareth play with an orchestra, like in "Red Light Lady".

Anyway, it was probably early '80s when I realized I had all the vynyls that I could get. Come some time in the mid-80s, CDs began to appear on the scene. Of course, like many other Nazareth fans, I took on a selection of bands to which I'd grove regularly, but none, whose albums I'd followed so closely, song by song.

"I can't wait for the next show !"

. . . which happened to be at Daytona's in Pasadena, Md., on Friday, 8/21/98

New Photos added from the Daytona's Concert!

The Daytona's Concert

A really cool place to see Nazareth.

When they arrived, several of us offered to move these heavy-looking boxes.

Ronnie at work

Dan, 30+ years into Rock -n- Roll.

Pete, thanks for the pick. I don't know what to say.

Once again, Jim, on that amazing guitar of his.
Photo on right same show submitted by John Reh

Darrell, mostly hidden, as usual

Group photo by John Reh

The X-hale Concert


1 Rockin' Crew

Alex X. happily acknowledges these other long-time Nazareth fans:

His brother Chris,

Dennis, a major fan and web surfer who had previously come across this page,

Dave, another Nazareth fan.

Nazareth's Nazmaster: Tom Weber.

John Reh who recently submitted some very nice photographs from the Daytona's gig.

Kenny, from the X-Hale show.

George, whom I previously met at the Daytona's show, who also attended the X-Hale party, in Frederick, Maryland on 4/2/1999 - is now certainly among the saddened fans, due to the un-timely death of Darrell Sweet.

The X-Hale show would be the last time I'd see Darrell Sweet walk off the stage after one tremendous concert. Another great party.

It was wild

Hopes all got home O.K.

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As of 4/30/1999, all Nazareth members, and fans will sorely miss awesome Drummer Darrell Sweet.