Some Photos from a tour of the Mack Truck Assembly plant in Macungie, Pennsylvania

Mack Mack Headlight

Mac bodies waiting to be mated to a chassis

Mack Engine on its way to being fitted to a waiting Mack.

Tour taken on 9/6/2002

A CDL Class "A" driver myself, I'm looking for the right opportunity. I'm looking for a dedicated run, which runs East/West along route I-10, particularly across the SouthWest's awesome desert. I'm happy to team with another valid driver, with an equal desire for the same type of route assignment. I am not an owner-operator, but have a clean record, and desire only a Southern USA driving assignment.

No Northern assignments accepted, whatsoever, for ANY amount of pay.
The reason for my strong preference against Trucking in the northern U.S.A. (especially the NorthEast region), is that the busy cities in that region don't seem to like to cater to truckers. Consult your pocket or other trucking guide, and see how many states in the North cater to truckers via truck stops compared to the number of truck stops in the South/SouthWest. Shocking, isn't it? No wonder you see tractor trailers parked along side the road. These poor guys have no place to rest, and grab a half-decent meal. But this is no problem in the Southern regions.

  • Do you have such an assignment with your company that reads like the above description of my ideal trucking job?
  • Are you looking for a clean driver that loves to drive? (non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drugger, I am drug-test ready anytime.)
  • Do you tihnk you have a competitive benefits and pay-per-mile package to offer a good employee?

If your answer to each of the above 3 questions is "Yes", please contact me. Leave a detailed message, regarding what your company offers, as I'll do, when I reply.


A CDL Class "A" Driver with HazMat, experienced with FreightLiner "Straight 8" and "Super 10" manual transmissions, all aspects of pre-trip inspections, weights, heights, and log books.