Civil War National Cemetary: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Date of photos: 9/12/2011

Thanks for stomping in, to see the photos. Most of my photos from the wax museum tour are faint, and fuzzy. Though a couple of the photos brought the wax figures out ok. The cemetary photos, on this exceptionally beautiful day, came out rather well.

Slower internet connections are warned: Clicking on some of the icons will attempt to download large photo versions.

The thing hanging out of the cannon's barrel are my bike keys, to give you an idea of what you'd've been up against. The cannons are likely reproductions, though stamped with certain details including the year "1863"

Maybe some or all, or, for some period during the war, cannons with rifling were introduced (simply explained: rifling is the twist inside the barrel, running the length of the barrel to put a 'spin' on the projectile, to add accuracy to the shot. Imagine the spiral axis of a football, when thrown.).

The cannon shown indicates rifling, barely notieable in the photo.

All the human figures shown in these photos are life-sized wax creations.

. . . . I would have expected a more authentic-looking presidential box

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