1999 Chryslers at Carlisle
July 9 - 11, 1999

by A.X.


Plymouth Superbird

Chrysler Cordoba

A "400" Cuda

440 Challenger R/T

Another Challenger R/T

A shiny, red superstock Dodge

The last Chrysler I saw

Well, here it was and already gone, once again.
I hate it, I simply hate having to leave Chryslers at Carlisle on the last day, every year that I'm able to make it up there. I find few things more depressing.

I love attending the event, though I can't claim the same "religious following" that many at the annual turn-out can claim.

I haven't been nearly as consistent an attendee, as Geoff M. of Canada, who's made it down every year since '82.

I met Geoff this past w/e. We chatted as we sat at the event watching the other Mopars, and people oogling over each others' rides. It was really something.

This one youngster, from New York, had an '81 Mirada, with a great big hood bulge, which when popped, revealed a B&M blower. We later found out it was for cramming air into his 318, fitted with 360 heads. Prior to the unveiling, he had done a very long burnout, well out of site, from where we were. During the burnout sound, I anticipated an overwhelming waft of rubberized smoke, and I'd find that within a minute the ensuing noxious fume would make its presence as forewarned by the growling car, a motel row or two out of sight.

Meanwhile, Geoff was trying to tell me of a V10 Cuda he saw at the show. I said "Yeah, sure Goeff. And I saw a 440 Six Pack Valiant". Boy, some stories they got here. I tell ya.

Afterwards, the youngster with the Blown Mirada drove around to the row where Goeff and I were seated, to meet with his other buddies, who all had New York accents so heavy, you could almost hear squeeling subway wheels in the wind.

They were a great bunch of youngsters, with their minds apparently in the "How To" of performance MOPARS. Another person, sensing my interest in the young man's Blown 318, would escort me with great enthusiasm to where I could see his 383 Magnum, Challenger trailer queen, throned on a carrier, drawn by a Dodge Ram Van, which he claimed to race (the car, not the van).

The Mirada guy's wares really made an impact on me. You see, he had used his other plainer Mirada to tow the project Mirada from New York.

We all got a charge from the burnout, the car, the guys carrying on over the componentry, etc.

To hear them describe their shut-down victories over new Vettes and Camaros, would make a MOPAR owner proud.

No photos of this evening. Anyway, you had to be there. I should've taken photos, but I was too tired and too anxious for the next day's sun to light up my subjects, back at the Carlisle field.

By the way, Sunday (today), was the best day. It was unfortunate that Saturday looked as if it was going to dump rain all day. It really only looked that miserable. Friday was another hot story (but not nearly like 1995, when I had serious thoughts about death from having become very sun-sick).

The event plays host to many wonderful people.

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