The image on the main page of this site:, is a photograph of an actual emblem which was produced by the Chrysler Corporation.

The image, as shown on the main page, has been altered to reflect the name of the photographer of the image, proven by actual photographs sent to me, with the intent of posting them onto the web page.

On the main page itself, is a tributary to the 1979 Chrysler 300 automobile.

In detail, on the main page, I explain that this is not an official Chrysler Corporation site.

The image of the 1979 Chrysler 300 grille is from a photograph taken by Chris Budimir. I've further altered the photographic image for the protection of Chris Budimir, and myself.

All persons are expected to respect the image's original integrity ( that is, the way it's found on the main page), without altering it, for the purpose of posting, or publishing onto another web page, or on any other media, including both magnetic and non-magnetic types.

As a photograph of a major corporation's logo, copyright laws lend themselves to certain "works of art" clauses, which make's it legal to post the image, as has been done, after permission of the original author has been sought.

This is how I understand the law to stand on copyright issues, and in the best of faith, I've posted the image, and added to the electronic image, in its electronic form.

I have not knowingly altered the Chrysler Coporation image of the emblem which was photographed, to reflect a different product, or to alter the image's description or indicated value of the product for which its namesake bares.

Though all visitors the web page: who allow the page to load, will have a copy of the image in their browsers' cache, this does not automatically grant the right to alter the image because the copyright is still originally held by all parties involved.

I hope I've covered it all. I hear Detroit Lawyers are really mean.


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