1979 Chrysler 300

The Status of: SS22L9R250725

A window sticker, gratefully received, in electronic form, at the
1979 Chrysler 300 Web Page and Inventory, is all that I'm told of this one, as of yet, by
Larry Galaske, who has his own featured (SS22L9R171126), as of 11/1/98.

This just in !

This one, it turns out, was a prize from a radio station ( a sort of: "be the 11th caller and . . . ").
Yeah, No kidding!.

Larry tells us what he learned from the second owners of the car:
They bought the car from the winner, as the winner couldn't afford to hang onto it. Larry met up with the second owners back in '92 and helped out the second owners with some spares parts. Among the traded items, Larry was given a copy of the second owner's sales sticker. Since that meeting, in '92, the car now belongs to a 3rd owner, who is said to have a couple other '79 300s. WOW !

I'm sure we're all anxious to know if Larry can somehow find out about this third owner, to get photos on SS22L9R250725, as well as on the others.

Here's a scan of the sticker from the radio-show prize, SS22L9R250725:

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