1979 Chrysler 300

Status of: SS22L9R243533

Sold !

Previously owned and reported to the 1979 Chrysler 300 web page by Rick Chapman.

This 1979 300 has the unusual combination of power-door locks and roll-up windows. The current owner claims the car is in beautiful condition as the previous, original elderly couple who owned it, kept it garaged. ( Sounds like the man was born a little too early to enjoy something that just wouldn't sit still, if it were mine).

Previously, before Rick sold it, I had written this brief:
It has only 89,000 miles on it and get this folks: It's currently For Sale Interested parties should keep checking back until I post the particulars, which, if done, will be included with photos that the owner says are available ( but didn't state if the photos were electronic yet). He says he wants only $2k for it, in the condition which he described it. I say he's nuts and that he should charge at least three times as much, so you may wish to jump on this deal, once I get the contact info/photos in here.

Like you, I've yet to see the photos. If I get them, they'll be posted here within 48 hours of receipt.

I just wished I could have had the photos prior to the sale.

If you have a 1979 300 for sale, I'd be glad to post it, but please state which information you wish me to include. Photos are Required and must be emailed in .jpg format, millions of colors, no greater than 40K in file size.

Thank You Rick, for these awesome photos. AlexX.

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