1979 Chrysler 300

The Status of:


The only proof of the above vehicle is the original window sticker, of which I've seen a copy. I have no photo of the above vehicle, but I suspect it has been junked.

Here is some of the text of that sticker, which I saw:

You should note that the left-most column has nothing directly to do with the other 3 columns to its right. The left-most column indicates equipment installed on all 1979 Chrysler 300s.
Standard Equipment
Sales Code
MSPR & Dealer Prep
Electronic Spark Control/Ignition SS22 Chrysler Cordoba 2 dr. Specialty H.T. 6337.00
TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission EW1 Spinnaker White
Power Steering DLR4 Bucket Seat-Arm rest-Recliner
Power front disc / rear drum brakes A74 Chrysler 300 Package 2039.50
Galss belted radial tires #C92 Accessory Floor Mats 24.60
Front and rear bumper guards C97 Trunk Dress-Up 47.40
Engine coolant reserve system D34 TorqueFlite Transmission
Torsion Bar Suspension w/Front Anti-Sway Bar system E58 360 C.I.D. Engine-* Cylinder-4 BBL.
Deluxe Sound Insulation G01 Rear Window Defroster-Electric 98.00
Dual Horns G11 Tinted Glass-All windows 72.00
# Wheel Covers H51 Air-Conditioning 583.65
Cloth and vynyl bench seat with center arm rest J22 Electronic Digital Clock 56.20
Shag Carpents J25 Windshield Wipers-Deluxe 39.55
Luxury Steering Wheel J55 Undercoating and Hood Silencer Pad 35.90
Day/night Inside mirror K4R Tape Stripe-Body Side-Mirrors Deck Lid
Inside Hood release L35 Cornering Lights 50.50
Foot Operated Parking Brake N88 Auto Speed Control 106.80
# Cigarette Lighter P41 Power Door Locks 88.95
Lights include: #R35 AM/FM Stereo Radio 240.35
Fender Mounted Turn Signals
S62 Tilt Steering Wheel 77.25
Low Fuel Warning
S81 Steering Wheel 2-spoke Leather cover
U45 Tires GR60x15-OWL-Aramid Belt Radial
Sub Total:
Mouldings Include: 178
Destination Charge
Belt and Quarter
Wheel Lip
Battery Test indicator
Electrical Diagnostic Plug

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