1979 Chrysler 300

The Status of:


Owner: Geoff Montreuil

Geoff's T-top
Owner: Geoff Montreuil of Ontario

Geoff is not your ordinary enthusiast. He drove this summer, from Canada, to Carlisle, Pa., where I was supposed to meet him, but I got caught up in traffic ( I wasn't driving my 300). Thus, we missed our rendezvous.

He was going to hand me a couple of photos, which I just received in the mail last night (7/30/98).

A74 in Canada?
Well, it turns out that Geoff purchased his in Batesville, Alabama, in '90.
It needed fuel, and air in one tire, since it had been sitting from 1986 to 1990.
Having taken care of those two necessities, he began his trek of 1200 miles back home.


He reports the same pleasure that a lot of us '79 300 owners have reported thus far.
He keeps it indoors most of the year, saving it until summer.

Thanks Geoff, for the photos of yours, as well as for Steve Thomson's "K" option '79 300, listed on the main page.

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