1979 Chrysler 300

The status of: SS22L9R240518

51343 original miles !

The reported condition is "fair".

Judging from the photo, and the reported mileage at the time, I think that's a modest evaluation.

I met Mr. Wagner at Chryslers at Carlisle '98 on the w/e of 7/11/98.
He came over, with his delightful family, to where the '79 300 contenders were perched, where I was hanging out for a good bit, and told us of his own 300 and wondered where he may find a source of parts. We pointed him to Mitchell's, a reliable vendor, at the Chryslers at Carlisle events, and told him roughly what his request would cost.

He made the same expresssion, I suppose, that all '79 300 owners would make, if they were to be in need of certain parts.

Though I ran out of film on Saturday, before I met Mr. Wagner, I promised him I'd be back there on Sunday, the third and final day of the "Chryslers at Carlisle '98" event.

I told Mr. Wagner about my web page and asked if he surfed the web. He told me he didn't. However, he obviously wanted me to post his photo and V.I.N. onto the page.

How badly did he want to be listed here?

I scribbled my e-mail address for him on a piece of paper that one of us fished out. If I'm not mistaken, he didn't have a computer. Yet, he found someone with a computer, e-mail, and access to a scanner. He put all those together and I received the photo and V.I.N. above, on this Thursday night, four days after I met him.

There are still links on the main page without photos.
Though, the only way to contact us initially, is via the form on any of the pages (except from the parts page), we respond to EVERY single V.I.N. contribution. When we do, the recipient then has our e-mail address to which they can send an e-mail w/photo.

As a result, of Mr. Wagner's desire to be listed here, given that he may not do computers as much as us other folks do, I will stop having my associates post V.I.N.s that are received via e-mail, which are not accompanied by photo(s).

Mr. Wagner, when you do get connected to the web, I hope you keep coming back, mainly to check on the "Cars, Parts, and Parts-Cars" section.

Keep her going ! ( the car, of course )

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