1979 Chrysler 300

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Owner: Joseph of Saskatchewan

Lots of nice photos - more on the way !

Joseph of Saskatchewan, Canada sends us three photos, and a pencil shading, of his
1979 Chrysler Cordoba 300.

Fender Tags
Besides the photos, Joseph sends us a pencil shading of his fender tags !

A correction to something I'd stated on the main page is needed. Joseph's pencil shading, which is authentic, as I can feel the actual impression made by the stamped letters, reveals two codes together, which I thought was never the case.

Let's examine the shading, though it may be a little difficult to decipher:

Note the "A74" on the the third row. Remember how, on the main page, I said that A74 was only for U.S. sold cars ?
Well, look at the next row :
Do you see the 4th row, which begins with a barely visible "EW1" ?
Well, on the same row, about seven (7) spaces over, you should see "C".

Now, if we open our 1979 Chrysler 300 Handbook Copyrighted by Dale Burkhardt and John Veatch, we'll see on the page, which has a clearer example of a fender tag, that the single character, on the 4th row, about mid-way over can be any of the three designations: U: U.S. - C: Canada - I: International

Well, Joseph's car is an A74, with a "C" on the fourth row.

I apologize for the previous mis-information.

Greg Biggs, a soon-to-be-included, previous 300 owner, with pencil shaded tags, pointed out the error to me today (10/1/98), on the very same day that Joseph's package showed up in my P.O. Box.

Photos of Joseph's car:

Joseph, thanks for the photos and the revealing pencil shading.

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