1979 Chrysler 300

The Status of: SS22L9R210783

Greg reports the following, regarding this car: Current location: Unknown No fender tag for this car. While driving this past weekend, from Calgary back to here, I remembered that I bought this car from the local Volvo Dealer for $600. a few years ago.

I saw it sitting in a snow bank and bought it because the grill and Medallion were in perfect shape( the grill is now on my car) and the interior was near perfect. I sold it to a guy that commuted to the Oil Patch and wanted a big ol' comfortable cheap car to drive back and forth. Again this car had 2 fender tags. L37 M25 N41 N88 N92 Ctd o C55 G67 G77 H51 L35 28 A74 C16 C55 C97 G44 EW1 C B00 300 008 EW1 DLR4 000 326 C33216 E58 D36 SS22 L9R 210783

P31 P41 P45 R32 END SS22L9R210783

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