1979 Chrysler 300

The Status of:


Chryslers At Carlisle '98 feartured several of the white liners, both on and off the display field. I hesitated posting this one, because it didn't actually come to me via a submission. I personally snapped this and another photo of this car, on that day.

The object laying over the radiator is the original sticker, framed.

The options are:

DLR4 (Bucket Seats)
A74 (US 300 package)
C97 (trunk kit)
D34 (727 Transmission)
F27 (500 AMP Batt)
G01 (Rear Window Defog)
G11 (Tinted Glass)
H51 (A/C)
J22 (Digital Clock)
L35 (Cornering Lights)
N88 (Auto Speed Control)
R35 (AM/FM Stereo Radio)
W08 (Conventional Spare Tire)
U45 (GR60 X 15 OWL ARAMID Belted Radials)
340 (Destination Charge $169.00)

Sub Total $9600 or so

The For Sale price at the event was $2400.

Yeah, that's what I said

Well, I hope the present owner drops by some time to see their car on the page.

I can't post this one in "Cars, Parts & Parts-Cars", as I have no contact information for it.

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