1979 Chrysler 300

The Status of: SS22L9R175136

The tag data.

Sadly, this one has been catered to a salvage yard. This yard is somewhere in Canada.

You can observe a moment of silence, if you wish. I know I have.

As with another 300, ignorance allows senseless destruction as shown above. However, salvageable parts to be noted are: door handle, rear quarter glass, rear window, trim, door?.

I ask for photos of as many of these cars out there, as can be found, regardless of location, condition, or ownership. Greg Biggs of Canada is what I call a "Scout" for these cars. He's been a 1979 Chrysler 300 enthusiast for 2 decades. He has been taking keen note of copies, dead or alive, in his area for years, and has put forth considerable effort in capturing these images, packing them securely, and enclosing the fender tags for the records kept here.

Several parts can be salvage from this one, by the enthusiast who happens to stop by this particular lot. (I've not requested the particular salvage yard name, though if you visit the Message Board and drop a line or two, you may get your questions answered.)

Greg has also submitted another set of 300 photos/codes, again, sadly blacklisted, but still a
1979 Chrysler 300.

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