1979 Chrysler 300

The Status of:


Owner: Sheldon
of Victoria, British Columbia
Sheldon's first photo (not shown here), which was sent early in '98, was taken under less than ideal conditions. He recently requested submitted Four (4) other photos.

Sheldon had recently tracked down a problem which prevented his power windows from working. He'd traced the problem down to a wire-splice job behind the door which just didn't last to this day. Once repaired, a fuse blew out, but after that, he tells me it's now working.

Honestly folks, I've yet to give my power windows ANY thought at all. I just expect them to work. But thanks to Sheldon's e-mail, when mine go bad, I may be better prepared to resolve the problem. I hope you will be, too.

He writes, by the way, from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and wonders if there are any others like his in the area. If there are, I'd like to get your photos, V.I.N., Date of build and Fender tag info.
Sheldon, thanks for the additional photos for which we've been waiting.
It's truly encouraging to see photos like the 2nd one.

Your host,

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