1979 Chrysler 300

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Previously: Rich Mahut
Currently: unknown

Rich from Michigan has sent us a two for one. BUT! Don't forget, he also sent us the original window sticker data of yet a third car, for which we have no photo. (Another recent 'two for one' contributor was Geoff M. from Canada)

At any rate, here's two of 'em in the same driveway.
Sadly though, the one in the back, was a donor car for the t-top parked in front. This photo is at least 8 years old, as I'm told that's when the rear car was spirited.

Rich's previous toys

A special thanks, Rich, for your photo contributions

Especially since your contribution is after you had to sell your surviving one, recently, in June, 1998.

Wash Me!

Thanks too, for your contribution to "Cars, Parts & Parts-Cars For Sale"