1979 Chrysler 300

The Status of:


This V.I.N. tag was submitted by G. Lolas. The car was found in its final resting place, in a California salvage yard.

G. Lolas also makes a gray list entry of a '79 300 he used to own. That one is listed as SS22L9R156275.

The following two pictures are of the same, single fender tag, belonging to car: SS22L9R153176.

According to the tag info., when compared to the wonderful resource: the build sheet, that was fortunately made available by some present owners, we can see that this car had no power options ( lack of second metal tag which would have "P" codes). This car did have air-conditioning ( H51 ), and the high performance 360 engine, with 4 barrel carburetor and dual exhaust ( E58 ).

For clarity, I've manually typed the codes found on the tag:

N41 N95 END
G77 H51 L37 M25 N37
28 A74 C16 C55 G55 G67
EW1 U B12 345 678
EW1 DLR4 000 C04 EU4460
E58 D36 SS22 L9R 153176