1979 Chrysler 300 (A84)

Status of:

Steve's A84
Owner: Steve Thomson, Ontario, Canada

Steve Thomson from Ontario must have jumped at the opportunity to be included on the page, because when Geoff's letter came, it included two photos. Geoff's of-course, and Steve's, whose photo I didn't even expect.

Check this out:

Steve tells us that his father bought the car new in '79. From then, it was driven 7 days a week until 1987. That's when Steve bought it and had it re-painted and re-chromed. He claims over 300 thousand miles and that it still runs quite well.

Steve, that's quite impressive. Then again, I had 184,000 miles on my non-300 1979 Mopar, and it is still running strong. So imagine when I purchased my '79 300, still 'young' at 62,310 miles at the time.

Thanks Steve. She looks real nice.

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