1979 Chrysler non-300

It's close, but not a 300

It's a '79
It's blue
It's beautiful
But, it's neither an A74 nor A84 package.

So, it's NOT a 300!

I met Mr. Nichols at the Chryslers at Carlisle '98 event on 7/11/98. At the time, I was photographing the other 300s and getting V.I.Ns. Then, I saw this blue Cordoba out of the corner of my eye, thinking it was a regular Cordoba contender. But I noticed that it had the tri-color bars under the opera window. Then, the pinstriping, and finally, the gills.

At this point, this blue car made me think how little I knew about the '79 300s. I asked one of the other 300 owners if any blue ones were made. I received a shrug or two, and went over to investigate. I'd thus far introduced myself and that I run this page. When I saw Nichols' car though, I just lost it.

It had everything, except for an unusual set of wheels for a 300. It had the gills, the t-bar in the grille, r/w/b pinstriping, duals.

He explained how he wanted a 300, but knew he needed a parts car. He had to get the blue Cordoba first, since the 300 he bought, was rotted out.

So, he took a plain Cordoba and made it look like a 300. It features a dual snorkel air cleaner which he made.

Excellent job restoration/creation job. And I say the factory should have made blue ones.

It packs a 360 2V, 240 Kilometer gauge, 904 and a Slapstick shifter. He added dual exhaust.
OK Nichols, there you go. You actually helped me understand more clearly what constitutes a 'fake' one from a real one. The third photo, if not already included, is on its way in ! ( 8/3/98 )

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