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Car For Sale: (already listed in "Click-A-VIN" section).

See entry SS22L9R193181 in "Click-A-VIN" section, for details.

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7/31/98 The following car is no longer available via the contact listed in this section. SS22L9R163165 has been sold away to a bone yard in San Francisco. Photos of SS22L9R163165:
Photo A, Photo B, Photo C, Photo D, Photo E, Photo F
coincidentally, 'Photo B' looks like me when I get up in the morning


As of 5/23/98:
The owner of SS22L9R163165 has it up for sale, according to the person who e-mailed me.

By testimony of the photographs alone, it appears as if the car was involved, to some degree, in a collision. I believe the owner prefers to sell it "As-Is". Parting out the car may or may not be an option at this point.

This one hurts, folks. I'm told it's a sun-roof model. You can't tell from the photos, though.
I don't think it needs to be parted out. I'm sure that there are other resources for parts for this baby, though rare as they are, must exist somewhere, for someone wanting to put a considerable amount of effort into a worth-while cause.

Most Important: The occupants of SS22L9R163165 were not seriously hurt.


The following items were Sold !

as of 8/2598

This guy just contacted me today ! ( 7/18/98 )

See what he's got below and if interested, contact him at:


79 "300" front grille in above average condition.
Quantity of 3 "quarter" (opera) windows with the 300 logo on them in excellent condition. And the logos from the doors and steering wheel in average condition.

Also, I forgot to include that he has 4 tri-color bars which go under the opera window. All this good stuff for $300.


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