2004 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

2004 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals

All photographs (unless otherwise noted) are by Alexander X., from the July 10, 2004 event date.
If you find your car is pictured on here and would rather it wasn't, listed as I have it, I'll be glad to remove/alter its photographic or textual content. Please allow 24-48 hours for its removal/alteration.
I have many photographs for sale and will all eventually be posted on this site. If you would like any or all photographs here, in unobstructed format, contact me - let's talk.

Here we are once again, with photographs of many examples of MOPARS.
The photographs on this page do not do justice to the cars or the equipment I used on July 10, 2004. Still, the equipment I used simply blew me away, for the most part, for what I did use. I did not use a digital camera. I used a good old-fashioned modified 35mm point/shoot. I'm so confident that the best versions of my photos from that event are superior to anyone else's, that I'm willing to put my best photographs, in a contest, with anyone else who was at that same Saturday, July 10, 2004 event, who also took photographs. I urge you to take a look at the samples below as well as to order my largest versions (also electronic) which are among the sharpest photos I've ever taken, and are in their finest (as I got them from the photo store, who develops most of my film), PLUS more cars (not included on this web page), PLUS some cars for sale, as I know them to still be for sale.

Carlisle, PA was also a place to meet some equally nice people from generally Ohio, Canada, and all the way over to the East Coast. Lots of New Yorkers, and other folks from Massachusetts. After all, it's really about the people, isn't it?

Chrysler / Imperial

1979 Chrysler

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1966 Dodge
To the best
of my knowledge, 
this car was never equipped with a 'turbocharger'
Now I understand something new:
Just because it says UNRESTORED, doesn't
mean it was not 'untouched'.

Now, check out this picture of the same car's windshield.

Late 60s Charger

Full Rear Shot

1976 Dodge


1970 Plymouth

Concept Cars

Concept Charger at Carlisle

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