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52 cars listed Updated: Saturday, 8 / 14 / 2004
Graham Nichols used to own the one above, that is shown smoking the pavement.
Photo: The car of Greg Biggs from Canada is now featured. Greg has long known about the car's production figures and other details, and like the other featured owners on this site, has contributed greatly to the benefit of this page. His car features a moon-roof option.

Other Photos:
Chryslers at Carlisle, 1999

Chryslers at Carlisle, 2000

* * * Coming This Summer:
Photos from the 2004 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals!* * *

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Chrysler Cordoba 300,
8/14/2004 SS22L9R171644 Entered: Eric Hansen's!
4/21/2004 SS22L9R194847 is For sale. See link below.
4/19/2004 Metal Tag and Door Sticker images SS22L9r194847
(gee it only took me 4 years to update)
11/24/2000 Tag image SS22L9R153176
8/2/2000 Greg Biggs's car is the 50th posted SS22L9R164453
7/9/2000 An apparent red, '79 300 SS22G9R214545
5/24/2000 James Gordon's car now posted: SS22L9R176609
9/4/1999 Guestbook works, once again. Older msgs archived
9/4/1999 Photos of Doug's car, SS22L9R160583 finally added
9/2/1999 2 more photos added of J.Olmacher's car SS22L9R158681
8/28/1999 More, minor clean up of site.
8/22/1999 New logo installed. Photographed by Chris Budimir
8/3/1999 The Tenneys' entries: SS22L9R240635
and black list SS22L9R162272
7/12/1999 James Gordon's SS22L9R176609
7/9/1999 I found Doug of New Hampshire at Carlisle '99 with SS22L9R160583
7/2/1999 Jay Ohlmacher, 4th owner submits SS22L9R158681
5/31/1999 Chris Budimir, original owner takes the stage: SS22L9R149293
4/11/1999 "Castle" sends us their entry: SS22L9R174988
3/14/1999 Moparman sends us his entry: SS22L9R180023
3/7/1999 Larry Galaske now features his car (SS22L9R171126), in his own, new site.
3/1/1999 Feature:
SS22L9R235378 Owner: Joseph featured
2/1/1999 Feature:
SS22K9R216575 Prev. Owner: Greg Biggs

4 barrel, four barrel, high performance MOPARS


Body Style 2 Dr. "B" Pillared Hard Top, as described in the 
1979 Chrysler Corporation's factory manual
Weight 3812: This figure is shown near the bottom of the sales sticker, which is included in the inventory list below. The "Click-A-VIN" link is SS22L9R250725
Fuel Economy 12 mpg. This figure is shown near the bottom of the sales sticker (in the EPA section), which is included in the inventory list below. The "Click-A-VIN" link is SS22L9R250725
Number Produced  Currently reported figures indicate: 3811 1979 Chrysler 300s sold for sale in the United States. The "A74" code indicates all heavy-duty equipped 300s. The "A84" code indicates a decor package (look-alike), but could have been equipped with standard duty engines/transmissions. The "A84" was available only in Canada. All together, about 5000 '79 300s were made. 
Colors Most were Spinnaker White, and 7 were red (A84 package only) on red, with only one of these red ones currently known to exist inside the U.S.A. * 

Some portion of the "A84" optioned cars had white interiors. 

There were no blue 300s made by the factory in 1979. A nice example of what this may have looked like, the "Imposter", is listed below. 

Engine A74 Package
360 w/Carter Thermoquad 4-venturi V8 (E58); 195 Horse Power 
A84 Package
318 (E44 or E45?) or 360 2bbl. V8 (E57). Heavy duty equipment for the A84 package was cost-extra. *
Transmission 727 Torqueflite 3 spd. automatic for the A74 packages. Perhaps a lot of the A84s had them, but keep in mind they could also be optioned with the 318 and 360 2-barrel *
Final Gears 9 1/4" 3.21 ratio; Optionally equipped with the Sure-Grip differential. * 
Wheels / Tires GR60 x 15 RWL Goodyear radial tires. * 
(From my own personal experience, the 6" wide aluminum wheels can accept tire sizes up to 245/60x15.)
Vehicle Speed 
at 3000 R.P.M.
64 - 65 m.p.h. ( with 3.21 gears and 60 series tires )
* See "Credits" below regarding data in "Specs" table above.


All existing 300 Decor (A84) as well as (A74) optioned
'79 Chrysler Cordoba cars.

In an attempt to gather as much information as possible, the following issues are addressed:

  • How many 1979 Chrysler 300 cars are still out there? (dead OR alive). Who has what ?
  • Where to get parts? (currently a Parts section exists here)
The 1979 Chrysler 300 is:
The only B-body Chrysler 300 model. *
The last one to feature a V8 engine and true dual exhausts.

Click a V.I.N.

Click on any V.I.N. listed below, to
find out more about that particular 300
Last Known Status of:  Photo? Note:
SS22L9R149293 * Chris Budimir, original owner and certain enthusiast, still has the original orange key tags issued by the dealership. Take a look !
Talk about well-preserved !
SS22L9R149312 * A sticker of an early one, submitted by Larry Galaske. Somehow, this one had been over-looked, in my inbox, for some time now.
SS22L9R149333 "gray list" photo of dash tag, submitted by Larry Galaske
SS22L9R153176 * Tag image of a California car, submitted by
G. Lolas
SS22L9R158092    1 of 3 reported crushed in Cal. 
Authentic: dash AND fender tags currently in possession.
SS22L9R158101    1 of 3 reported crushed in Cal. 
Authentic: dash AND fender tags currently in possession. Codes are listed. 
D.O.M. 11/29/1978
* Jay Ohlmacher is currently restoring this apparent A74
SS22L9R158789    1 of 3 reported crushed in Cal. 
Authentic: dash V.I.N. tag currently in possession. 
 Manufactured: 12-1978. 
SS22L9R159911 *  Don't adjust your sets. There really are two in the same driveway, in this photo ! Only one of them, though, survived, only to be sold in June of '98
D.O.M. 12/1978
Photos coming soon of this one, caught at the For Sale lot, at Carlisle '98. No fender tag as of yet, but personally witnessed by myself. Very clean, with low miles.
"gray-list" entry; originally recorded and submitted by Greg Biggs.
A tag of a black list, that met its fate one day, when it was rear-ended. Passengers: OK. Car: not so lucky
SS22L9R163165 *  Sad but true, as the disheartening photos explain.
SS22L9R164453 * Greg Biggs sends us his own personal car, with rare moon-roof option.
Greg's car is the 50th posted car, on this site. It's a "C" car (A74).
 This one too has seen better days, as reported.
SS22L9R171085 *  This one is up-side-down.
D.O.M: 1-18-79
*  Larry Galaske's detailed copy 
(Was featured during the month of November, 1999)
Click this one for Larry's well-documented car, as well as a link to his own new '79 300 site.
He recently won a trophe at the Nationals. And once again at the most recent one !
 SS22L9R171182  *  Holly's '79 300 
 SS22L9R171644  *  Eric Hansen's '79 300: Who provided all the images, making it another official entry!
 Residence: Canadian Salvage Yard 
Photos and fender tag image
 SS22L9R172389  * Sheldon's previous '79 300
Victoria, British Columbia
D.O.M: 1-79
* "Castle" used to own this one, now enjoyed by a friend.
 SS22L9R175136  * Residence: Canadian Salvage Yard  
Photos and fender tag image
SS22L9R176609 * Submitted around mid-99, James's car is now posted (5/2000)
SS22L9R176783 * Another "Chryslers at Carlisle '98" contender. With "cop" wheels. 
SS22L9R179943 * For Sale in Illinois. Looks nice from photos. Fender tag shading.
D.O.M. 1/19/1979
"Moparman" from down South, proudly sends us his welcomed entry.
SS22L9R181563  *  A sweet example, kept up by a nice  couple 
SS22L9R184451  *  A T-Top model
SS22L9R187548  *  This one was for sale at Chryslers At Carlisle '98 this past summer.
SS22L9R193181 *  A moon-roof model with "300" door insignia, from Oregon 
SS22L9R194847 *  As of 4/21/2004, this Canadian model (note the "C" on the ID tag) is for sale.
D.O.M. 2/23/1979
Resting in a salvage yard, a photo of the driver's door tells a few things.
 "gray-list" entry; originally recorded and provided by Greg Biggs
An apparently authenticated red one, which didn't appear at Chryslers at Carlisle 2000, as I'd expected.
SS22L9R215520 *  The Missouri owner of this one has submitted some very nice photographs, taken on what appears to have been the ideal day.
SS22K9R216575 *  Previously "gray-listed". Submitted by Greg Biggs
Now Featured!
 "gray-list" entry; originally recorded and submitted by Greg Biggs.
 "gray-list" entry; originally recorded and submitted by Greg Biggs.
SS22K9R234459 *  Tag submitted by Greg Biggs of Canada
SS22L9R235203 *  This one belongs to a person who got it while working at a dealership, around 1985. Has new paint.
 Submitted by Greg Biggs of Canada.
 This one belongs to a Saskatchewan man, and has included a pencil shading of the fender tag. Interesting discovery made, with the help of Dale's and John's handbook. 
SS22L9R240518 * 51343 original miles, "fair condition"
D.O.M: 6-5-79
* My Own "A74" model, with 2 photos. 
Second photo added on 7/2/98 (taken earlier this year).
SS22L9R240635 Soon to be featured: Heather Tenney's A74 T-Top
SS22L9R240696 *  Geoff carefully maintains this other one of many "A74" models  His copy features the T-top option. Two photos ! 
SS22L9R240742 ?  Rich, from Michigan ?, sent a scan of an original sticker. Though he also submitted photos of two '79 300s, in the same driveway, this particular V.I.N. had only a sticker to prove its existence. This link features the text from the sticker. 
 Mr. Ummel's: also on AOL page
SS22L9R243533 * Sold ! ( But he sent me 2 photos anyway ! ) 
 A K-optioned A84 
SS22L9R250725 *  Scan of a window sticker, submitted by Larry Galaske (whose own '79 300 featured on 11/1/98)
 IMPOSTER *   It's not factory correct, but please see these photos.

Photos of '79 300s from the July 10 - 12 annual "Chryslers at Carlisle" event are included among the V.I.N.s listed above.
See the definition of the 1979 300 V.I.N. format.

Spare Parts Bin:

Last Update: 3/1/1999

Cars, Parts & Parts-Cars for Sale

(updates are subject to whatever visitors submit)
Post it, Look for it, Make an offer
3/14/1999: Even more stuff for sale. Easier to read
11/21/1998: A bunch of parts for sale
9/13/1998: Car for sale. NOT a parts-car.
First Sale Made on 8/25/98
"updated" refers to newly included parts as well as to the
latest information on a part already listed for sale

hotos and V.I.N. of your 1979 Chrysler 300.
( We'll link to it, just as we've done with its siblings above. ) If you have good photos which you'd like to have posted, send me a message, using the form below.

This page was submitted on: Sun Oct 5 17:59:36 1997
1979 Chrysler ThreeHundred
Thanks for stopping by.
Alex X.

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Though some of this information was gained through common knowledge of the vehicle and its components, much other information was contributed to this page by:

Faron Mcneil
Found the info. in the December, 1989 issue of Mopar Muscle. The information was later reported by a visitor to this web page, to have been researched by one: Dale Burkhardt whom I'm told may possibly be the authority on information regarding the 1979 Chrysler 300.

Larry Nolen,
who runs a cool web page (?) for Chrysler products.
Larry also pointed out that all 1979 Chrysler 300s were made in Windsor, hence the "R" in the SS22L9R portion of the V.I.N.

Geoff Montreuil
with whom I've had many e-mail exchanges about the '79, and who also sent me a wealth of information, along with photos of his and a neighbor's from Canada.

Greg Biggs
has contributed a great a deal of effort to submitting fender tags, V.I.N.s, and info on 1979 Chrysler 300 Cordobas which have existed at one time or another. In addition to actual "dead" or "living" cars, he has submitted a number of cars from which he recorded the V.I.N. and/or fender tag data, prior to the creation of this web site. Greg is a true Scout for having kept an eye out for these rare gems, be it any that he's owned, or of cars owned by others, or even those salvageable or rotting in Canada's bone yards.

Larry Galaske
In addition to owning a 1979 Chrysler 300 in great condition, Larry has submitted a wealth of photos and other information, including copies of original stickers and broadcast sheet from his own car, and a couple of others.

Chris Budimir As of 6/1999, Chris's entry tops the list as his car, with the proof of fender shading mailed directly to me, has the lowest V.I.N. on the page. Chris has submitted some interesting photos of original items he maintains in pristine condition. See his link listed above. From there, you'll find a link to other toys of his, including a beautiful blue 1978 Dodge Magnum, for one.

Dale Burkhardt John Veatch
Regarding this page . . .

Before work began on this page, the Internet was extensively searched for pages dedicated to the 1979 Chrysler 300 car. None were found. A good portion of the data above originated from visitors to this web page, who in turn, credited Dale Burkhardt, an expert in this field, as the source of their data. I've recently ( 8-11-98 ) spoken with Dale, and was previously e-mailed by John Veatch, regarding this page.

I'd like to thank all contributors ( of photos, and information), to this page, thus far, and those to come. I don't work for, or get anything of value from the Chrysler Coporation, or from anyone else, for the efforts applied to these pages, except, of course, for the pleasure that its results has brought me thus far.

Alex X.

Like the 1979 Chrysler 300s, perhaps the current Chrysler 300M will need a dedicated page some day, to help revive the focus it currently enjoys. back to top 


This is not an official Chrysler Corporation Web Site. And it's not part of that other company, either.

All photos submitted via the Internet to Alexander X., or via conventional mail give Alexander X., or any moderator of the 1979 Chrysler 300 Web Pages exclusive rights to use and alter the photographs, with the intention of posting the photographs on this and/or its subsequent pages.

Alteration of graphic images
Photographs and images submitted for posting are subject to certain modifications, by the authors of The 1979 Chrysler 300 Web Page, in the interest of protecting the original works. The modifications usually include only the addition of the vehicle's serial number. The modifications to the photographs may also contain other comments, including the fact that they were submitted to this page, with the intent of participating in the inventory listing feature of this page. Photographs, regardless of origin, will never be altered to changed the appearance of the vehicle, the subject of The 1979 Chrysler 300 Web Page.

Visitors are here-by notified that the Chrysler image linked to, from within this html file or page has a disclaimer which you are expected to read, by clicking on the image, or the blank frame, if the image has not yet appeared, if you have intention of copying the image to alter it for publication elsewhere.

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